Team presentation

The Polystim Research group was founded in 1994 by Dr. Mohamad Sawan, Professor Sawan, a dominant name in research, managed to compose a young and dynamic team, working in the field of microelectronics related to industrial and biomedical applications. Our partnership with various industry associates unveils the seriousness and professionalism of our team.

This team brings now together about 30 members, Master’s and Ph.D. students, as well as well qualified technicians, while still counting on the support of veterans that have migrated to different positions in the industrial world. PolySTIM is a research team working in the field of applicated microelectronic. It is part of the Microelectronics Research Group (GRM) of the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. Its R&D activities are related to various aspects of the biomedical and industrial spheres of applications. Through the years, the team has developed qualifications in a wide spectrum of interests, including primarily:

  1. Design of digital, analog and mixed (both analog & digital) VLSI circuits;
  2. The design of systems for signal acquisition, control and analysis;
  3. Medical devices, with a particular interest on microstimulators and actuators that are implanted or not;
  4. The design and implementation of microwave microelectronic mixed circuits and their integration technologies (PCB, SMT, MCM, …);
  5. Reprogrammable and reconfigurable integrated circuits and systems (FPGA, PLD,…).

All these priorities are focused toward the objective of creating new high performance tools dedicated to compensate the loss of organs and/or functions for patients with chronic pathologies. In addition to the qualifications stated above, the type of multidisciplinary projects we are working for requires knowledge in fields like physics, mechanics, chemistry, biology, biomaterials, micromachining, medicine, and more. We acquire this through collaborations with many scientific partners. We are also leading projects that are not directly related to biomedical applications, but providing industrial benefits, namely in the field of telecommunications.